Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo Shoot of Baby Abigail

I took pictures for my best friend's little girl today. She is so precious! I didn't get as many pictures as I hoped due to a very squirmy little lady, but I am happy with the ones I got.

I don't know why, but I think this one is my favorite. I love her expression! I called her name and she totally turned her head to look at me with her big beautiful eyes!

We had to get the baby butt.... they are oh so cute when they are so little!

She was definately a gift from God!

She added a little flare to this photo by sticking out her foot!

Sleeping like a baby...

This is a hat I had made for Madison that she outgrew in like a week!

Baby feet... are oh so sweet!

Her Mom was so worried that her Daughter wasn't cooperating because she kept making silly faces, but look how cute they are! Even goofy pictures of babies yawning, cooing, and sticking out their tongue can be used!
I had to get a picture of her cute tiny little ear.

Probably one of my least favorites, but still couldn't delete it.

I just love her!

Lots of glamour glow to this photo.

Does anyone else have problems bringing out pink in a photo? It took me like an hour to master this blanket! I have a program that will filter out any color, but it kept bringing out the pink in baby Abby's face! I finally figured out a way to do it but if anyone has any other ideas let me know.

Attn: Family and Friends
If anyone wants to order prints let me know. I downloaded them to my website at You cannot order prints from their (I try to keep them private to public) but email me and know which ones you want and I order them for you.
I found this shoot a little tricky. I used my new camera. I haven't familiarized myself with it completely and I would go to change the ISO or the Exposure and I kept forgetting how to do it! When you are working with a baby you really don't have time to play with the settings on your camera so I missed some great shots due to me not knowing what I am doing!
So far though I really love my Nikon. I love how it really captures eyes on portraits! With my old camera I felt like it flushed out skin tones but with the Nikon it doesn't at all. The only con so far is I HATE THE SOFTWARE! Nikon has some major software issues! Why do you have to transfer photos in one program and view them in a different program. Then there are no editing options with the software I received. I can't figure out how to adjust my RAW photos using Nikon. I have to download them to Nikon software and then upload them back into my Olympus software just so I can edit my Raw photos. Maybe I am missing something but so far I think Olympus has their software beat my a long shot!


Taylor said...

Oh she is such a cutie! I really like the pic with the blanket over her head but my favorite is the same as yours, too sweet! So many great shots. I have no idea on the editting question LOL. All I can think of is a layer mask and then erase all the other pinks that pop up but I don't even know if that would work with the way you do it. I hope some one has a good idea for you.

BTW - I LOVE the hat you made! Such amazing skills you have!

Melissa said...

You have brought tears to my eyes! Such sweet captures of little Abigail!

Amy said...

Great pictures! She sure looks like a a sweetie! Oh, Peanut is going to Denver Tuesday for an EEG. Hopefully we will get some answers.

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