Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Preview of Our Week

School is out and our summer is just beginning! This is one of my favorite parts of the year (other then Christmas!). I love getting the kids outdoors and getting exercise.

On Saturday the kids and I walked up to Hasting's and I let them buy candy with money that they had earned and we rented Underdog. As we were walking we heard thunder in the distant so it was a race there and back to beat the rain :D

Before we started walking I made the kids sit by the garage door.
Here was the sky on the way home... Rain clouds are moving in!
Here are the kids racing home!

On Sunday we went to my Sister in Laws house for a BBQ. They made elk burgers (so yummy!)

Here is my niece Syndee

Here is Madison and mom is hiding behind her... I hate pictures. This picture she was covered in vanilla ice cream. It is in her hair and all on her clothes! goofy girl
Here is my cousin's baby Noble. Isn't he adorable! I love his eyes! And everytime I took out my camera he would smile and pose for me.

On Monday they had a event at the park where they handed out lunches for the kids and the older kids got to play soccer and dodge ball.

Here is Ryan taking Adda down the slide. She is a good sport!

Here is my little monkey!

He is just hanging around...
Here is Ryan and one of his hundreds of goofy faces.

So worn out! My kids sure can make her tired!

My little princess!


Dea said...

Looks like fun! What great pictures you got! Love the one of him upside down!

Taylor said...

That boulevard in your neighbourhood is great! I wish we had one. I just love the pictures taken on the monkey bars.

Anonymous said...

great children pics and what awesome puppy picks as well.

B Dad

Mariel said...

Awesome pictures! Your family is darling!

Just stumbled on your blog...


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