Sunday, June 21, 2009

I have officialy started potty training

Why not? I have so many other things to do in this time of my life why not add another! I figured I am potty training a puppy... could an 18 month old be any more difficult? I will let you know in a week if we give up or not! :D

She cannot stand having her panties at her ankles! She kept trying to pull them back up! Silly girl!
Making her suck down the liquids!

So my first day didn't go so great. No potties at all. But the next day Josh got her to go #2 on the toilet.... Did I fail to mention that it was my husband who potty trained my boys before they were 2 years old? For some reason he has so much patience for potty training. He will sit there for an hour until they go potty where I will sit there and think of all the things I have to do and then give up and try again later. Of course by the time later gets here they have already gone in their pants!


Melissa said...

sweet pic's...I wish you luck in all of this.

drewmark19 said...

18 months! You are inspiring. My 3 year old still isn't potty trained. With my oldest, I tried it at the beginning of the summer when he was 3, and it was so easy. My middle child, though, is another challenge altogether. He just doesn't get it yet. What I wouldn't give to have my kids out of diapers! :) Hopefully my girl will be easier (and earlier).

Taylor said...

Goodluck. I started Taylor 2 months ago and she did really well with #2's for like 2 weeks in a row but all of a sudden she decided that her potty was something to be terrified of! Silly girl. I will try again soon.

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