Friday, June 19, 2009

I just so happen have one!

I don't usually like taking picture of myself... espcially pregnant... Well pregnant pictures are find but it is just awkward stand there while someone attempts to get that belly in the frame! :D
So now I am officially 4 months and 5 days pregnant. Yes I keep count because... every month, every week, every day, every minute and every second counts when you are pregnant.
For those who wanted to see a picture here you go. I am getting bigger every day. I just officially out grew my "fat" jeans and moved on to some maternity. I mostly gain my weight in my hips the first few months of pregnancy so my belly doesn't look too awful big yet... but give me a month... I will be catching food with my belly


Dea said...

Wow, congrats! Is this the first time you have mentioned that your pregnant? I must have missed it if its not. Congrats! And what a cute lil belly you have!

Melissa said...

Oh my! Your belly is so small!!! I was bigger than that when I was only 8 weeks preggers with my son! I was sure that he was twins and so was everyone else!

Thanks for posting a pic! I can't wait to see how big your belly gets when those girls start to get bigger! Twin bellies are always so amazing to me!

Taylor said...

Look how tiny you are... and with twins?! You look great!

Dea said...

Ohhh, I see. I was quite confused lol. But that is so amazing that you would do that! You are such an awesome person to be able to do that for someone else. Wow.
Anyways, I do plan to go on to college. I also hope to get a summer job but its still in the works.

Melissa said...

You are just adorabnle! And amazing, to go through all that you are for your friends...your a pretty wonderful person! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your pic's and your story.

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