Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photo's of Alexander Wade

The other day my girlfriend and I took her rambunctious, busy, mischievous, difficult picture taking boy to the farm to hopefully get a few shots of him. He reminds me so much of Ryan. He hates taking pictures and refuses to look at you when you are taking them. I had to follow him around and be ready just in case he might turn his head and look at me. I tried to get him to sit still and he fell to the ground mad and threw a fit. (So much like Ryan!) I guess it makes sense since they are cousins... it must be a Roper thing (with exception to Jessey the only girl Roper!)

But here are a few. I just let him roam around and climb on things. Unfortunately not a smile out of him but so adorable anyways! Old farms are so neat to take pictures of! I think sometime in the near future I will go back without the kids and get some shots of all the old "junk" laying around! It is so neat in pictures!

Here is the original... which I liked but.... what about the second one? What do you think?
I know sepia theme is coming up so I was playing around with the idea. I don't usually do sepia toned photos because I am a black and white kind of gal! This one I just brought out the blues.

Here is another original. Didn't do much editing. I did some contrast.
This is another original

and here is the same photo in black and white with reds and blues only only.
When he realized I was getting pictures of him... he turned and ran the other way.... Maybe he wants me to chase him?
Not sure what he was looking at... there was nothing but dirt... I guess boys at this age are attracted to dirt, bugs, and old chewing gum....
This was an old tractor tire! I knew it "could" make a great photo but this is where I tried to pose him and he got "VERY UPSET" so this was the best shot I got! Actually it was the only one I got before he screamed at me.... I'm a bad aunty! :D

Not really anything but just some old signs that were hanging around the barn... I REALLY WANT TO GO BACK THERE WITHOUT KIDS NEXT TIME!

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Taylor said...

They are all fab pics! The sepia and blue pic is great! I also really like the 4th, 5th and 6th pictures, the lines in them are so neat.

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