Friday, June 5, 2009

The story of my rotten (but sometimes cute) 3-year old during soccer practice

So I finally got my butt in gear and got the boys signed up for soccer. Thank God I found an indoor soccer arena to play in since I live in live in hot and humid desert land! Plus it has been pouring down rain here in Boise (yes it rains in the desert!) so this was a good thing!

I learned something new after taking these pictures.... I "MISS" my telephoto lens! I mean trying to take action photos in fluorescent lighting with your kids a soccer field away... was impossible... :( Now I need to convince my husband to let me buy a new lens... even though I just spent money on a new camera.... okay on to more important things... MY KIDS!

My son Jacob is doing absolutely amazing. I swear he must have been privately coached by someone behind my back because he picked it up like he was an old pro. They had practice and he was playing against some older boys in this game and scored two goals! I am so proud of him. He never gave up, never got frustrated or mad, just played a fun and fair game of soccer. :D

Now on the other hand I am the mom that pretends like Ryan isn't hers when he is on the field. If you saw him you would see why. When the teacher tries to coach him or teach him how to play he is the kid that falls to the ground and pretends like he is dead. Then to top that off when they are trying to play a game if the ball gets kicked in his direction he picks it up with his hands and runs with it then has a screaming fit when he gets kicked by another kid.

Then they have these fold up portable goals for the kids to use and Ryan runs off with them when no one is looking. I was sitting with the other parents in the bleachers watching the kids play and I heard so many people point at him and say "Oh my gosh look at that boy!" I was so embarrassed and I so wanted to run out on the field and swat him on the butt but parents aren't allowed out there. So when it was time for water break him and I had a long-LONG talk (I swear we only talked......) in the bathroom...

I think I realized that soccer is going to not be a fun experience for him. He needs to learn discipline and some respect towards other adults. I normally wouldn't force my kids to play a sport they didn't like, but Ryan is going to be forced because if he had it his way he would sit at home and play video games all day.... What am I going to do with him!

Pictures can be deceiving.... Here is Ryan actually participating... This was a rare moment that day!
Oh look... another rare moment... You wouldn't think I would actually capture a picture of my son being naughty on camera would you?
NO! It's not a pink soccer ball! I swear! Oh if you look in the back there is my son Ryan on the ground where he spent most of his day.
There is Jacob and his red ball... the coloring was bad I swear!

He shoots... he scores!


Melissa said...

This is too funny!!! I can tell he is your strong willed little guy...and ya know sometimes it's okay to just sit back and laugh and maybe even say,"my gosh, who's kid is that?" NOT that I"VE ever had to do that, I'm just saying! Seriously he'll getit... or maybe not, maybe he'll do better in karate! or gymnastics! He truly sounds like a fun little man! What a fun place you have discovered for the boys.

Jeff and April said...

That cracks me up so much!! Your experience with Ryan was SO Zack last year. I swore I would never put him in until he begged me himself, but guess what Jeff did yesterday- yep I guess we're trying it again this fall.

Taylor said...

LOL! I feel for you. I hope he learns to like it and listens to the coach. I would have been annoyed at the other parents talking about him though. I always try to remember that when you are pointing your finger there are 3 more pointing back at you! I bet their kids aren't always well behaved. Goodluck at the next practice.

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