Friday, June 26, 2009

Fix-It #18 - Hands-On Photo Editing!

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This picture is of this adorable little boy with a sad little tear running down his face! Oh I just love it!

Here is my edit.

What I did

1) Sharpened the picture

2) Enhanced his eyes

3) Slight glamour glow

4) Removed the background

5) Added a texture

6) Added a poem

Here is the original photo. Isn't he a doll?


Amanda said...

What a great job! I love that poem addition and all your edits... and you have such an adorable family yourself!

God bless-

Jenny said...

So sweet!

Lindsay said...

Very cute. I love how you took him out of the photo and put him on a poem!!! Great job.

Rebecca said...

Wow, the creativity really makes a difference here!

theArthurClan said...

You turned this cute photo into a WOW photo. She could frame this and put it on her wall. Beautiful!!

co-founder of iHeartFaces

Mandi said...

I really like that you added the poem. Great edit!

Aubrey said...

Love the poem idea - great thinking!

Catharine said...

Great job at removing the background, it looks really natural!

Melissa said...

This is just AWESOME!

Taylor said...

Love the edit! I'm really into playing around with textures right now, so fun!

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